Friday, 18 July 2014

Something New

I abandoned this blog. I know it, you know it, and whilst I have felt sad about it I also felt relieved. Over the last year I fell out of love with just about everything (my dogs do not count, you can't fall out of love with those things.) including myself and makeup. I had to build myself back up from scratch and "find myself" again - lol - but as stupid as it sounds it is so true. I regained my long lasting friends who loved me for me all this time and regained my love for just about everything.

But I still had this nagging feeling inside of me - I still wanted to write. I have so many half filled notebooks and scraps of paper to write on. Most of it is useless, but I just like to get it down so I can at least try to make sense of it. But beauty just isn't where it's at for me anymore. I also knew that whilst I was back in love with life again, I wasn't experiencing it. I needed to get out more, to DO and SEE things. And whilst I've started to do that, I need to do it more.

I have this little thing, this tiny little place out in this big bad internet. It's a new baby, but one I'm happy about. I'm no longer pressuring myself to write it, which is why I enjoy it. If you are in anyway curious as to what I'm doing now or talking about, the link is HERE. 

I just want to say, I miss you guys. And thank you for being around for the few years I was posting. xx
Monday, 16 September 2013

My Makeup Area

Hello! Some of you may remember that a couple of months ago my room was under construction. Well it's finally complete and I will be showing you guys the finished product but first things first (and prettiest) I thought I would should you my make-up area!

I, like many other bloggers and youtubers, went for the Malm Dresser from Ikea and I absolutely love it. It's smaller than it looked in pictures I found online but I actually quite like that as it doesn't look horrendously huge in my dressing room. It's a lovely smooth glass top which means it cleans easy and won't ever look weathered or very damaged like old style French dressers often do.

I store my makeup brushes on top of the dresser in old empty Diptyque candle jars and I keep my lip balms in an empty Yankee Candle jar (I like recycling...) I also keep my favourite perfumes in a glass tray - not sure where I got this - and little things like my mirror and iPod speakers on top aswell.

In the long pull out drawer I keep two trays of my lipsticks and lipglosses so I can see them all clearly in colour order. This has made it so much easier for me to see what I have and what I haven't used in a while. I also keep my day to day makeup bag in this drawer for easy access! 

Alongside my dresser I have two of the Ikea Alex drawers which each have 5 pull out drawers. The left side holds all my makeup and the right side holds a mix of skin care back ups, jewellery, nail and hair care.

Overall I couldn't be happier with my new arrangement and it's something I can't see myself changing for a long time. How do you like to store your makeup?

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Don't Forget To Smile...

Something lovely happened the other day. Let me explain...

With it being summer and all I have started to become a tiny bit obsessed with people with freckles (as you do). Seeing someone's skin dotted with freckles makes me think they have been kissed a million times over by little tiny sparks from the sun. My freckles have started to show up a bit more due to the recent heat wave in London so naturally I trotted downstairs the other day to tell my mum how I thought "my face looks better with a few freckles" and instead of brushing me and my fairy like thoughts off her eyes simply flickered over my face and she told me, "Your face just looks so much better with a smile on it." Caught up in the moment I skipped off upstairs and it wasn't until later in the evening that I really thought about what she had said.

Smiling is one of the most underrated actions I can think of. In this day and age it is so easy to take our lives for granted, and even easier to moan about the more insignificant things in life such as "The wifi is too slow" or "my eyebrows are uneven!" Very rarely do we take the time out of our day to sit back and think, what is good about today? It's funny how something as simple as that can let a smile creep across your face and make it as beautiful as it should be 24 hours a day.

I smile so much these days and it's simply because I am so unbelievably grateful to be alive and in a better place than I was a few months ago. As cliche as that may sound to many, I have lost so many loved ones to illnesses that I am just happy and appreciative that I am alive and well. Smiling has helped me feel more like me throughout the past few weeks and I think if everyone took 2 minutes out everyday to list a few little things that make us happy we would see a lot more smiles, so here is mine...

1. To be blessed with life.
2. Having parents I can laugh with.
3. Being able to look at old photographs and be filled with memories that were never mine to begin with. Which reminds me, I must start printing my pictures.
4. The invention of fairy lights.

I'd love to know what little things make you smile? *PS, eyebrows are sisters, not twins!
Monday, 5 August 2013

The Impromptu Birthday Bash...

Today my sister in law turned 30. 
So seeing as we work together I decided that in the 15 minute window from when I start work to when she arrives I would run around like a mad woman and put up some decorations to mark the day and I also played Stevie Wonder's rendition of "Happy Birthday" when she walked through the door. We did try and take her for lunch but it took about 3 hours for our food to come so inevitably my Mother kicked off and we left!

Over the years I have heard so many stories about women not getting on with their siblings partners but I have really been blessed to have such an amazing person like Claire in my life. Her and my eldest Brother Kieran have been together for almost 13 years now and I have loved her for every minute of it! 

She's always been that person to bounce on trampolines with, sing to Jamelia with (Superstar, for those wondering!) Talk in silly accents with and just completely be myself with. The only thing she sucks at is watching films as she falls asleep within the first 10 minutes, and let's face it : her attention span isn't the greatest! But I can forgive her for that because when I'm with her I laugh harder than ever. This year I've really needed a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen to my every day worries and problems and Boo has been there every single day and I will never be able to thank her enough!

So despite the fail of our lunch date I'm pretty sure she had a lovely day and I'm excited to see what the next year has install for her.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Reasons for my absence & MY 1ST YOUTUBE VIDEO!

It's no secret that I have been on hiatus with this little nugget of internet I call mine recently. So far 2013 has been a very tough and trying year for me. With 3 months of no sleep, a month of what I can only call horrendous tension headaches, stress, anxiety, and tears and never going out I think it's safe to say I had a bit of a rough ride. BUT without going into too much detail I am now the happiest I have been in about a year! I sleep fine now, the headaches are gone and the anxiety isn't anywhere near as bad as it was.

I've learned so much this year already and I've definitely changed as a person in a very good way! I find joy in the little things again and I feel strong and independent for the first time in a long time. Sometimes you need to take a step back from the life you are caught up in and realize that you need to escape from whatever and whomever makes you feel worthless. I have been spending a lot of time with my family and friends recently and making special effort to say "yes" and go out and do things and it's been amazing.

I still love my blog but I'm not sure if I like that it is purely based on makeup. I have been reflecting on what is important and what makes me happiest and while I LOVE makeup and still buy more than I can ever use it doesn't feel like that's all I am about. I feel like I have had a major change in my life and now I just want to live it. I want to enjoy things and hopefully travel and go on adventures and explore the wonderful world I live in. I want to take more pictures, see more friends and smile everyday! So while this blog will still be about makeup it will also feature more of my actual life too.

While I'm here I thought I would explain... My parents have left me for Ireland for about three weeks now and I have been going slightly nuts. So the other night, I decided to turn on my camera and speak to it. Very odd but it turned out to be very fun so please take a look if you want to see me being silly, ridiculous and well, me!

Talk soon, Lauren x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

New Things : YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick No. 5

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick No. 5

With everything going on in my life right now I made the decision to put my spending ban on hold, I needed something to distract me and buying makeup makes me happy if only for a little while. I stopped by the YSL counter in John Lewis and picked up a couple of bits but the only thing I have used since then is this beauty right here. I introduce to you the Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in No.5.

I have wanted a more sheer lip colour from YSL for a long while and I felt that spending so much money on one of the Sheer Candy formulas was a bit of a waste (for now...). I was with a few family members and I let one of the littles decide which colour I should buy and she decided that No.5 was the best one for me.

It's a gorgeous rasperry shade which starts off as a sheer wash of colour but with a few swipes it turns into a gorgeous opaque glossy lip that doesn't make the texture of your lips change. Once applied it lasts suprisingly long and turns into a nice stain, unless you eat a meal and drink champagne which is what I did when I wore this, then it's game over!

I am so in love with this shade and will probably buy a few more down the road. What is your favourite lipstick at the moment?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

May Favourites

 Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzer | The Body Shop Lightening Touch | Illamasqua Femme Intense Lipgloss | Naked 2 Palette | Sensual Amber Body Lotion | Topshop Cheeks | Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation | Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation | Hollister Crescent Bay Body Mist

I have been off my blogging mojo recently but I've started planning a few more posts and I am getting back on track with everything so to ease back into it I thought I would share my May Favourites with you.

I've been trying to make use of some of my more empty products and my bronzer of choice this month has been my beloved Guerlain 4 Season Bronzer in Blondes (post *here*) which is the perfect bronzer for warming up the skin during the summer months. It is completely matte and doesn't give you a glow but is great to use all over the face to give you a bit of colour. Base wise I have been using a mixture of Bourjois Healthy Mix and Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundations for an extra bit of coverage and to lighten up underneath the eyes I have been patting in The Body Shop's Lightening Touch Pen which I am really warming to!

My product of the week Topshop Cheeks in Prism is still going strong (post *here*) and with it being so long lasting it's perfect for these more summery days! I can't believe I am saying this but I have been loving my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I have stated my dislike of this before but if you can ignore the fallout which is a hard thing to do it is actually a really great palette. The main thing I do is just to do my eye makeup before my foundation when using this palette! I bought the Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Femme a long while ago which is a coral red shade which you amazingly do not need a lipstick underneath it is that pigmented without being thick and sticky!

Body Care wise I have been using the Sensual Amber Body Lotion that I bought from Bath and Body Works when I was in America and I love it! It is fast absorbing with a gorgeous long lasting scent and I'm getting a bit sad that this is almost finished! The Hollister Crescent Bay Body Mist is also a really nice touch to finish off my morning routine.

What are you favourites this month?